Trip from Cracow to Lofoten Island

Travel plan

In this place you will be able to see some details about our trip to the Northern Norway.
We will post here some important information about travel, equipment etc…
Below you can find preliminary plan.


We plan that our journey will begin the end of August 2015 and it will take at least a month.


Almost 11 000 km. Cracow – Lofoten – Cracow

Preliminary travel route:

We will start from Cracow in Poland and cross Poland, Germany, Denmark ( maybe Sweden also)


Main points of travel:

We would like to visit as many place in Norway. Definitely on our list are:

– Bergen
– Trollstigen
– Alesund
– Atlantic Road
– Geirangefjorden
– Sognefjellsvegen
– Jostedalsbreen
– Kristiansund
– Trondhaim
– Lofoten archipelago

Sleeping conditions:

Norway is a country which offers free access to Nature. We are going to use this and sleep in the open air. We would like to change living in “four walls” to living in tent surrounded by nature.

Form of transport:

2 days before our last trip to Balkan our car was destroyed in car crash. Then we decided to spend all our money for new car for trips. Our full aged Toyota Corolla has been replaced by ten years old Volkswagen Passat Variant. This car will be our main mean of transport. We are still collecting money for preparing our car for this travel. Unfortunately prices of mechanical services in Norway are the highest on the world therefore “Pasi” must be in excelent condition.